Quantity Kills Quality

Quantity kills quality - a very famous saying and recently I saw a practical example of it recently.

Superfood Dilemma

My dietician says that in present times we all are like kings with a wide spread of food to chose from

Humanity Lost

So do we end up forgetting all that we are taught from the time we are born – specially the lessons of morality and humanity?

My Tryst with TSSRTC

Happy Stuffy Journey

Male Literacy Mission

These days, almost everyday, we hear cases of violence against women. By violence here I am not just referring sexual abuse but also domestic violence. And the abusers in all these cases are always (some) less educated men.

Why I do not Vote

I have pondered over this question for long. But never got a satisfactory answer.

Khan Academy: An Evolution in Education

Online education industry has existed for quite some time now, but it still lacks quality as well as audience.

Operational Meltdown of Jet Blue
JetBlue Airways took to the air on February 11, 2000 with the inauguration of service between New York City's John F. Kennedy International Airport and Fort Lauderdale, FL.

Medical Tourism: Bugged by the Superbug

“A new superbug has surfaced in India, Pakistan and the UK, leading to an argument about the origin of DM-1 (New Delhi metallo-beta-lactamase 1). The worst possible impact on tourism is that it could lead to devastation in the field of medical tourism”

Caged in a Bubble

The comfort of Internet has been hiding many a valuable information from its users. Eli Pariser, through his book, has tried to bring out the negative impact of Information and Communication Technology. There are many myths and unknown facts about the information a person shares on Internet. The book talks about how the websites personalize the Internet experience for individuals by utilizing the information people share over these websites. Eli Pariser has also brought forward ways to tackle this personalization issue so that individuals can have an Internet experience without any hindrance of personalization filters.

Effect of Rising Insurance Coverage in USA on Indian Medical Tourism

Medical tourism is an industry in its nascent stages. People from the western nations prefer to travel for medical reasons due to unaffordable healthcare costs in their host country. A number of reasons are behind the rise of medical tourism but one major reason is the rising cost of healthcare services and insurance coverage in Developed nations. USA happens to be the most expensive when it comes to healthcare. Rising insurance rates have increased the number of people without insurance cover. This in turn has opened up a vast gate of possibilities for the medical tourism industry. India is one of the favored destinations when it comes for medical tourism but it still lacks from other nations like Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore. India needs to gear up for the opportunities coming from USA in terms of more and more medical tourists.